Is this you?


  • You know you’ve been under charging and over-delivering, and you wish you had someone to help you price your services and encourage full pay clients
  • You love what you do but aren’t certain how to organize your expertise into lucrative, client-attracting packages
  • You keep thinking, “Do I have the right niche?!” but you’re not sure so you end up trying to serve everybody, even clients who drain your time and energy
  • You crave having a brand that captures your unique spirit, personality and passion, positioning you to powerfully stand out from the cookie-cutter crowd
  • You feel in your heart that your mindset about money could definitely benefit from a makeover
  • You feel nervous every time you talk with a prospective client, knowing you’re not quite sure of what to say when it comes to the money part
If this is YOU then it’s time to transform what feels overwhelming in your business into everyday easy, in a way that feels powerfully authentic for you.

That’s why I am thrilled to invite you into my

one-on-one coaching program

Pull Your $h!t Together™

Hi I’m Dr. Paula Parker

After years of solo, one-on-one practice in the healing arts as a Wellness Chiropractor I discovered there is a much better way to serve clients while also making myself and my financial well-being a priority.

I noticed that many healing arts practitioners were so focused on the wellness of their clients that their own health, happiness, and financial well-being suffered greatly … and that went double for me in my own practice.  I was so focused on helping people that I forgot, I’m a people too!

So I set out on a quest to discover how to make my practice not only a healing oasis for my clients but also for me.  The turning point for making a shift in my practice was discovering my personal why, what, who and how much.  Getting focused clarity around those questions helped me pull my own sh*t together leading to a much more lucrative practice helping my ideal clients.  

Other practitioners saw my positive changes in mindset and increased income all while working less and wanted to know how they could have both a practice and life they loved and enjoyed.  That’s when my second career as a success mindset business coach for healing practitioners began.

I have a Big Vision that starting in 2020 all women in healing and service professions will have a renewed powerful transformation in their practices and lives with a focus on joy and abundance.

Are you ready to Pull Your $h!t Together™ too?!


You started your business because your dream is to impact the lives of others, work from your zone of genius and feel excited that you’re making money in a lucrative business that lights you up.

 What you’re seeking now is for all the puzzle pieces to easily fall into place so you can reach your goals and achieve your dream without waiting any longer.


Here’s just a peek at what your business looks like when we are coaching together:


You have lucrative, client-attracting packages that spotlight your value and your unique way of working with clients

You’re charging what you’re worth and love how good it feels to be free and no longer over-delivering


Your new pricing structures are adding income to your bank account with every new client


You have crystal clear clarity about your niche, and feel excited every day to only be working with clients you love, and who appreciate YOU and your expertise


Your Brand Archetypes make it fun and exciting to capture your unique spirit, personality, and passion in all of your marketing


You feel aligned and confident about your brand and how easy it is to powerfully and authentically stand out from the crowd


Your new mindset about money perfectly aligns with your goals and is powerfully supporting you to reach them


You feel confident, calm and relaxed talking with prospective clients, knowing exactly what to say when it comes to the money part


You enjoy working in your business, now that all the puzzle pieces are lined up for your success





If you’re ready to stop ‘going it alone’ so you can start making more money, making a big impact in the lives of more clients, and finally feel that you are aligned and on purpose with your business.

Here’s what’s inside this private coaching program:


Branding with Archetypes®

There’s a unique part of you that many business owners mistakenly believe they have to hold back. Coaching together, you’ll discover your Brand Archetype, which unlocks the powerful, instantly recognizable presence within you that’s a client-attraction and opportunity magnet.

 Take a look at what we’ll coach on:

  • Discover your Brand Archetype, which perfectly captures your spirit, personality, and passion, transforming YOU into an authentic brand you can instantly use to launch this exciting new direction in your business
  • Confidently choose your website design and images, write attention- getting emails, sales copy and marketing material (even if you’re not a writer!)
  • Identify your unique brilliance and use it as a powerful catalyst for focusing your gifts and talents on your most profitable actions


Niche Breakthrough Secrets®

Are you ready to discover your authentic, lucrative niche so that you can attract and keep more ideal clients? Revealing your niche is surprisingly easy with the simple steps I’ll coach you through. 

 Take a look at what we’ll coach on:

  •  Quickly get out of “niche overwhelm” so you can start attracting new clients with freedom, clarity and confidence
  • Reveal your most lucrative niche (it’s often hidden gold and I’ll coach you through an exciting process to discover it so you can rapidly begin increasing your income and open up new opportunities to thrive)
  • Instantly determine if your niche is “hot or not”, saving you time and effort so you can achieve your goals this year

Create an authentic marketing message (you’ll love the template I’ll coach you through that teases out the right words for you to use)

Transform ‘What You Do’ Into A Client-Attracting Signature System®

Coaching together, I’ll walk you step by step through how to transform your expertise – including the magic that makes YOU unique — into an exciting Signature System that attracts a steady stream of ideal clients.

Take a look at what we’ll coach on:


  • Quickly transform that “thing you do” into an exciting Signature System that is easy to market and enroll new clients into

  • Eliminate “what do I offer” overwhelm, clarifying your most profitable path to a thriving business and high-end offers

Position yourself as a valued expert in the eyes of your ideal clients with a Signature System® that you become known for, attracting new clients quickly, easily and with less marketing

How To Create Packages That Sell Themselves

Every business has the opportunity to offer packages and the benefits are huge – you serve clients who truly desire what you have to offer, while you work fewer hours for significantly more income.  This could be what catapults your reputation, too.

 Take a look at what we’ll coach on:

  • Shift out of the trading time for dollars model and into the mindset of owning your worth and value
  • Step by step, create packages based on value that uniquely set you apart and structure your services to massively free your time and increase your income
  • How to stop overloading your packages, freeing you from draining over-delivering
  • Trim the number of days you’re working each month so you enjoy more free time and increase your happiness

How to Sign On New Clients

Ready to feel confident about how you can start getting new clients signing on with you? Creating a steady stream of ideal clients is surprisingly easy, and I’ll show you how!


Take a look at what we’ll coach on:

  • Overcome any fear of what to say when discussing your new offer to ideal clients
  • Discover exactly where to quickly find new, potential clients you feel comfortable connecting with
  • Must-have secrets to talking about your offer in clear, benefit-rich language so you  get more ‘Yes’s’ from your ideal clients
  • Create a simple action plan that eliminates procrastination and keeps you moving forward signing on new clients month after month

Bonus: Money, Marketing and Soul® Coaching

Throughout our coaching together, you will experience incredible transformation in your mindset and beliefs, supporting you in attracting ideal clients and making more money in your business.


For example, I’ll coach you to:

  • Get “unhooked” from emotional triggers so you can make decisions with grace and ease
  • See challenging situations from a fresh perspective so you can make new, authentically powerful and aligned choices

  • Create heartfelt, unstoppable motivation and commitment to reaching your goals and dream

Let go of perfectionism and overwhelm so you can ‘switch’ off and enjoy life outside of your business

What People Are Saying

“You have a gift to listen to people and feeling their energy.  Then you help them to turn it into a master plan.”

Anna A.

Your Realtor for Life!™

“I wanted you to know how helpful the money mindset coaching was for me.  You are so insightful and a total rock star!”

Maria M.


“Paula, you are too good to be true.”

Susann P.

Health care receptionist

Ready to Pull Your $h!t Together™ and feel excited about making money in a lucrative business that lights you up?

PULL YOUR $H!T TOGETHER™ 6 Month 1:1 Coaching Includes:

  • 13 Private coaching sessions
  • Kick-Start Branding with Archetypes® VIP Day
  • Email access to me personally to ask questions
  • Two – 10 Minute emergency phone sessions to ask questions
  • Beautiful Client Workbook filled with exercises, templates, checklists, and scripts that I will coach you through so you see results with every coaching session


Plus, these additional BONUSES make this coaching program even more perfect for you

Bonus #1:  Sacred Money Archetype® reading to help you get rid of subconscious money blocks and press reset on a fresh money story.

Bonus #2:  Sacred Money Archetype® Breakthrough Insights Tool to help you shatter the glass ceiling on your money mindset.


This All Sounds Great But…

How do I apply for PY$T™ coaching?

Simply hit the APPLY NOW! Button.  You will be directed to an online scheduler to set up a complimentary, no-obligation 30-minute Discovery Session with me.  Once you setup your call you will be directed to a short questionnaire to complete and send back. Your candid answers will help me get to know your business and prepare for our call.

Normally my Discovery Sessions are a $350.00 value.  However, I have a goal to help as many women in the healing arts as possible go from burnt out to badass NOW so I’m currently offering these sessions as a gift to women who are ready to transform their practices.  I believe healing professionals deserve to live like a boss because their services are so seriously needed particularly in our current globally stressful time.  Apply for your complimentary call today and let’s discover how to transform your passion for service into a low-stress, high-income practice.

How long is each coaching session?

Each regular session is 30 minutes in length occuring 2 to 3 times per month.  Our kick start session is an exciting half-day immersion experience to discover and create your brand goals and identity.

Is this a practice management company?

Absolutely NOT!  That concept is so far removed from what this program is about that I had all but forgotten about those companies until someone asked me that question one day.

No, not at all.  PY$T  will help you discover your unique brilliance in practice and create your own Signature System® for that work.  No cookie-cutter systems for you … you are too freakin’ badass for that $h!t!   

What type of healing arts practitioners does this program work for?

Technically any heart-centered, serviced-based practitioner can transform their business from burnt-out to badass with the proven strategic PY$T™ system.  All you need is a passion for helping others and a willingness to be coached on how to do that in a way that delivers better results for your clients/patients and a freer lifestyle for you.

 That said, I have personally seen this system transform practices for Chiropractors, Therapists, Life Coaches, Functional Medicine Pros, Animal Communicators/ service providers, Medical Intuitives, Body and Energy workers,  Movement/Dance Pros, Fitness Pros, Intuitive/Psychic/Tarot Pros to name a very few.  Even heart-centered lawyers, accountants and real estate agents have had success using this program.

If you are curious to see if your passion is a good fit for this program go ahead and apply now.  You owe it to yourself to discover a better way to practice that meets your business, money and lifestyle goals.


What do you mean by “burnt out to badass”?

Well, I’m certain you understand the “burnt out” part.  You have been working in and on your practice for years … maybe decades.  Helping people while dealing with insurance companies or hourly rates is tiring and unpredictable.  

As a “badass” you will learn to transform the part of your practice you are most passionate about into a high-end client-attracting program.  Your new value-based system will lead to better outcomes for your clients/patients while offering you time and money freedom to live like a badass.

Do you have to be a woman in order to join the PY$T™ coaching program?

No, not at all.  All you have to be is a “coachable”, heart-centered service-provider in any number of professional industries who desire time and money freedom while serving your ideal clients at the highest level. 

I particularly love working with women in the healing arts.  I am also open to coaching anyone regardless of gender, race,  or even location for that matter.  Being a biracial woman myself, I LOVE diversity and welcome it.  It’s my pleasure to speak with anyone to find out if PY$T™ is a good fit for your practice transformation.  

If you are:

Ready to create client-attracting packages that spotlight your value and practically sell themselves

Ready to let go of fear and charge what you’re worth

Ready to release money blocks and stand powerfully for your value

Ready to work with ideal clients YOU love and who love to pay you for the transformational work you do with them

Ready to confidently and calmly talk with prospective clients, even about “the money part”

Ready to let go of doubt and claim your worth as a heartfelt and unstoppable woman in the healing arts

Ready to get the support + do what it takes to make your business dreams a reality


Then I invite you to join me in this transformational private coaching program,

Pull Your $h!t Together™ so you can practice and live like a badass.

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